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Authors: Klaus Funke
Abstract:In 2014, present-day scientists had the opportunity of marking the centennial of a discovery that triggered the development of a new field of...
Authors: Irina V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch
Abstract:In this chapter, we review the Nernst-Planck equation describing the cation interdiffusion coefficient, the two tracer cation diffusion...
Authors: Helmut Mehrer
Abstract:In this Chapter we review knowledge about diffusion and cation conduction in oxide glasses. We first remind the reader in Section 1 of major...
Authors: Karl Michael Weitzel
Abstract:The recently developed bombardment induced ion transport (BIIT) technique is reviewed. BIIT is based on shining an energy-selected alkali ion...
Authors: Hellmut Eckert
Abstract:Glassy solid electrolytes are important integral components for all-solid-state devices for energy storage and conversion. The use of...
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