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Authors: D.A. Morton-Blake
Abstract:Molecular dynamics are applied to simulate molecular motions in an aqueous solution of two soluble derivatives of a 100-ring polythiophene...
Authors: Aslı Özel, Hüseyin Çimenoğlu
Abstract:This work provides an overview of organosilane metal pretreatments with a focus on water-based systems. Furthermore, this work aims to point...
Authors: Konstantin Borodianskiy, Michael Zinigrad
Abstract:In recent years, improvement of metals mechanical properties becomes one of the main challenges in materials and particularly in...
Authors: Helmut Mehrer
Abstract:In this Chapter, we review knowledge about diffusion in quasi-crystalline alloys (quasicrystals). In Section 1 we first remind the reader of...
Authors: U. Sarder, Alexander V. Evteev, Elena V. Levchenko, A. Kromik, I.V. Belova, Graeme E. Murch
Abstract:In this study, mass transport properties of liquid Cu-Ag alloys are investigated over wide temperature and composition ranges. The...
Authors: L.A. Barrales-Mora, Jann Erik Brandenburg, Dmitri A. Molodov
Abstract:Molecular dynamics simulations were performed to analyze the curvature-driven shrinkage of individual cylindrical grains with geometrically...
Authors: Maya Radune, Michael Zinigrad, David Fuks, S. Hayun, Nachum Frage
Abstract:Supersaturated titanium-aluminum nitride (Ti1-xAlxN) is a very attractive material for a wide range of applications due...
Authors: Denise Ester O. Santiago, Bryan B. Pajarito, Mark John A. Aparre, Karl Joel E. Biolena, Yvette Celina W. Condez
Abstract:This study investigated the ambient blooming behavior of additives and mechanical properties of vulcanized natural rubber (VNR) loaded with...
Authors: Kévin Perrin, David Chiche, Javier Perez-Pellitero, Olivier Politano, Sébastien Chevalier
Abstract:Sulfidation of undoped and aluminum doped zinc oxide materials has been performed by TGA under a H2S atmosphere in order to...
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