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Authors: Masanori Horie, Haruhisa Kato, Shigehisa Endoh, Ayako Nakamura, Junko Maru, Naohide Shinohara, Katsuhide Fujita
Abstract:The effects of iron content, fiber length, and stability of carbon nanotube (CNT) suspension on cells were examined. Five kinds of...
Authors: Puttiporn Puttawibul, Soottawat Benjakul, Jirut Meesane
Abstract:Central nerve system degeneration is a crucial problem for many patients. To use an in situ hydrogel formation is an attractive method to...
Authors: Samuel C. Uzoechi, Kennedy O. Ejeta, Goddy C. Okoye, Gideon I. Ndubuka, Patrick Ugochukwu Agbasi, Benjamin I. Nkem
Abstract:Since articular cartilage is avascular, both nutrient supply and metabolic waste excretion depend on diffusion. However, the major cause of...
Authors: Aimi Salihah Abdul-Nasir, Mohd Yusoff Mashor, Zeehaida Mohamed
Abstract:Malaria is characterized by its life-threatening and destructive capability through the cause of widespread sufferings, contributing to the...
Authors: Wasim M.K. Helal, Dong Yan Shi
Abstract:The main purpose of the present work is to determine the optimum gradation direction of an endodontic prefabricated parallel post (EPPP) made...
Authors: Yin Luo, Ying Juan Tong, Ying Ying Hu
Abstract:Thermography information of foot is playing very important role in body character and related products design. The purpose of this study is...
Authors: Mazhar Ul Haq, Zhao Gang, Fazl E. Ahad, Anees Ur Rehman, Muhammad Hussain
Abstract:In this paper, inverse kinematic analysis of a proposed three link mechanism of a bio-inspired micro scanning device towed underwater by a...
Authors: Mazhar Ul Haq, Zhao Gang, Fazl E. Ahad, Muhammad Hussain, S.M. Aftab
Abstract:In this paper, a methodology is presented to perform dynamic analysis of structural linked mechanisms under true actuation cycle and force...
Authors: Mazhar Ul Haq, Zhao Gang, Hafiz Muhammad Waqas, Anees Ur Rehman, S.M. Aftab
Abstract:IPMC is used as artificial muscle in bioinspired micro structures/devices due to its low voltage actuation, high bending deformation, rapid...
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