Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Vol. 25

Volume 25

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Qing Gu, Tian Xing Fan, Jie Gang Mou, Fu Qing Liu, Lan Fang Jiang, Deng Hao Wu

Abstract: Bionics is a new frontier science and provides many inspiration and thoughts for human invention. Through discussing the classification of...

Authors: Lan Fang Jiang, Wei Ming Lin, Dong Hui Wen, Hong Liu, Cong Da Lu, Yun Qing Gu

Abstract: Thin-walled spatial bending tube can not only provide engineering design with higher flexibility and lighter structure, but also enhance the...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Zhuang Zhi Sun, Yang Ge, Ling Li Li

Abstract: In this manuscript, a muscle-like linear actuator based on the combination of Bi-IPMC linear actuator unit was developed focusing on the...

Authors: Mazhar Ul Haq, Zhao Gang, Zhuang Zhi Sun, S.M. Aftab

Abstract: In this paper, a numerical simulation of three dimensional model of IPMC actuated fin of a fish like micro device is presented using two-way...

Authors: Yi Dong Bao, Dong Mei Wu

Abstract: A physical mesh-less soft tissue cutting model with the viscoelastic creep characteristics has been proposed in this paper. The model is...

Authors: Wina Maryana, Annisa Rahma, Diky Mudhakir, Heni Rachmawati

Abstract: Silymarin is a unique flavonoid complex isolated from milk thistle (Silybum marianum). It has been widely used as a hepatoprotective...

Authors: Daculsi Guy, Thomas Miramond, Pascal Borget, Claire Morineau, Seris Elodie

Abstract: There are numerous clinical indications for bone grafts. The ideal graft material should favor bone apposition and growth while...

Authors: Vinita Vishwakarma, Gobi Saravanan Kaliaraj, D. Ramachandran, Ananthakumar Ramadoss

Abstract: Magnetron sputtering techniques was used to deposit TiN, TiO2 single layer and TiN/TiO2 multilayer coatings on 316L...

Authors: Quan He Bao, Chao Sun, Chen Zhang, Jie Qing Zhang

Abstract: Magnesium-substituted hydroxyapatite coatings have been deposited on magnesium alloy for biomedical applications by sol–gel technology. The...

Authors: Chuang Huang, Hong Shui Wang, Hai Long Liu, Chun Yong Liang, Bao Fa Li, Bao E Li, Chang Yi Li, Shi Min Liu

Abstract: The controllable deposition of hydroxyapatite (HA) on femtosecond lasers micro-patterned Titanium (Ti) plates was studied in simulated body...


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