Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Vol. 26

Volume 26

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Wen Chen, Bing Yan Cui, Zhi Jun Wang, Ling Chao Meng, Zhan Xian Li

Abstract: In order to improve ability of walking and crossing the barriers , increase the carrying capacity, and enhance its popularity and...

Authors: Gang Zhao, Zhuang Zhi Sun, Ling Li Li, Yang Ge

Abstract: In this manuscript, a bionic linear actuator was developed base on the ionic actuator: ionicpolymer metal composites, and the mainly...

Authors: Li Ping Wang, Qi Chang Mei, Yao Dong Gu, Yang Shu, Justin Fernandez

Abstract: With the increasing popularity of barefoot running, the difference of foot morphology between habitually unshod runners and shod runners is...

Authors: Wasim M.K. Helal, Dong Yan Shi

Abstract: One of the most widely used techniques in present-day in order to save teeth is endodontic treatment (ET). Nowadays, a post or a dowel is...

Authors: Amin Zaami, Ali Shokuhfar

Abstract: This study is conducted to investigate the effects of losing fluid during extension of rabbit ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) on its...

Authors: Mohd Azrul Hisham Mohd Adib, Nur Hazreen Mohd Hasni

Abstract: The objectives of this study are to observe the deformation of mitral leaflet in systole condition and compare the rigidity of heart valve...

Authors: Yudan Whulanza, Hanif Nadhif, Jos Istiyanto, Sugeng Supriadi, Boy Bachtiar

Abstract: Engineering a cell-friendly material in a form of lab-on-chip is the main goal of this study. The chip was made of polydimethyl siloxane...

Authors: Arup Dutta, Aloke Kumar Sarkar

Abstract: This paper summarizes research on infrared absorption spectrum of gum Arabica, a Bio-material. The frequency shift due to deuterium exchange...

Authors: Hai Long Liu, Hong Shui Wang, Chuang Huang, Chun Yong Liang, Fei Wang

Abstract: The formation of layered ripples covered pyramid structure is reported on 316L stainless steel surface with femtosecond laser pulses in this...

Authors: Yoshiyuki Yokogawa, Shota Namba, Hiroya Sano, Shota Namba, Kazuo Fujii, Yuki Morita, M. Hotta, Yutaka Doi

Abstract: Most etiology of bad breath is often concerned with gram-negative anaerobic bacteri, and pharmacotherpy using pharmaceutical drugs should be...


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