Journal of Biomimetics, Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering Vol. 28

Volume 28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tran Linh Khuong

Abstract: This scientific paper consists of the analysis of the grasshopper jumping mechanism through literature studies, manufacturing, analysis and...

Authors: Nitin Kumar Sahu, Ajay Kumar Kaviti

Abstract: The human knee joint is very critical and complex joint of human body which is responsible for our optimal daily functions. It consists of...

Authors: Feng Qin Fu, Sheng Wang, Yang Shu, Jian She Li, Sergey Popik, Yao Dong Gu

Abstract: Flatfoot has been one of the most common foot deformity, which gives rise to several malfunctions or disoders to the foot and lower...

Authors: John William Carey Medithe, Usha Rani Nelakuditi

Abstract: The influence of light on Electroencephalogram seems to be more critical, when physician depends on its readings to diagnose subject brain...

Authors: Lei Guo, Wei Zhang, Lei Zhao, Ming Hu, Gui Zhi Xu

Abstract: With the rapid development of medical imaging technology, computer graphics and visualization technologies, virtual endoscopy technology...

Authors: Kun Mediaswanti

Abstract: Infections after bone implant surgeries have remained one of the leading underlying cause of revision surgery due to implant failure....

Authors: Mihaela Păpușa Vasiliu, Liliana Sachelarie, Laura Ecaterina Dârțu, Elena Folescu, Leonard Atanase, Agripina Zaharia

Abstract: In this work we accomplished a study concerning the surface state of acrylic prosthetic biomaterials both optimized and non-optimized and we...

Authors: Elvis K. Tiburu, Heidimarie N.A. Fleischer, Edmund O. Aidoo, Ali Salifu, Bernard O. Asimeng, Han Zhou

Abstract: This work reports evidence of the synthesis of zeolite A at two different temperatures (60 °C and 105 °C) from kaolin. XRD spectral analysis...

Authors: Hendita Nur Maulida, Fitriyatul Qulub, Azizah Fresia Rosdiani, Disca Sandyakala Purnama, Karina Dwi Saraswati, Prihartini Widiyanti

Abstract: Peripheral nerve injury with gaps between 5 and 30 mm can result in permanent paralysis because axons are cut. The distance between axons,...

Authors: Ye.G. Romanenko

Abstract: The stable metabolites rate of nitric oxide is reduced three times compared with the rate in the group of control animals in homogenates of...


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