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Authors: Kai Xue, Lei Li, Qiu Hong Li
Abstract:A novel design method for stiffener layout of plate and shell structures is proposed in this paper. The method is inspired by the...
Authors: Shu Wen Zhou, Si Qi Zhang
Abstract:A three-dimensional multi-body model of the 50th percentile male human and discretized neck was built to evaluate the effect of active head...
Authors: Sapna Ratan Shah
Abstract:Antiplatelet drugs block the formation of blood clots by preventing the clumping of platelets inside arteries, particularly in individuals...
Authors: Jie Zhu, Yue Ming Zhang, Zhi Cheng Tao, Nan Wei Xu, Li Qun Wang, Xiao Lin Zhu
Abstract:We reported the preparation of surface modified poly(butylene terephthalate)-co-poly(butylene succinate)-b-poly(ethylene...
Authors: Megha Mahabole, Manjushree Bahir, Rajendra Khairnar
Abstract:Abstract: In this study, in-vitro bioactivity of manganese blended hydroxyapatite (Mn-HAp) pellets is carried out using simulated body fluid...
Authors: Marcia Sader, Denisar Ismério, Mônica C. Andrade, Gloria D. Soares, Ivan N. Bastos, Gustavo M. Platt
Abstract:Bioceramics used in biomedical applications must exhibit specific behaviors. In scaffolds, for instance, the degradability of bioceramics is...
Authors: Aris Sterodimas, Vasiliki E. Kalodimou, Beatriz Nicaretta
Abstract:Background Numerous studies have provided data on the efficacy of ADSCs, supporting their use in current and future clinical applications....
Authors: Sandro Bittencourt Sousa, Igor Iuco Castro-Silva, Lawrence Andrade Costa da Rocha Coutinho, Ariel Lenharo, José Mauro Granjeiro
Abstract:This clinical study evaluated the tissue repair process using different bone grafts. Nine dental patients with indication for posterior...
Authors: Frank Y. Zhou, Ai Qun Wei, Ashish D. Diwan
Abstract:Intervertebral disc degeneration creates a significant healthcare burden on industrialized Western society. Recent research into treatment...
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