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Authors: Justin N.R. O'Donnell, Drago Skrtic
Abstract:This study explores degree of vinyl conversion (DVC), polymerization shrinkage (PS) and shrinkage stress (PSS) of the experimental amorphous...
Authors: Ravneet, M.L. Sharma, H.P.S. Kang
Abstract:A Scanning Electron Microscopic study on the fish scale of Cyprinus carpio communis (freshwater carp), depicts remarkable structural and...
Authors: E. Soh, Andrew Ruys
Abstract:A porous tissue scaffold depends on its ability to provide functional balance between mechanical strength, pore properties and...
Authors: Sergey V. Dorozhkin, T. Ajaal
Abstract:Mechanical properties of bioceramics are poor and need to be improved for biomedical applications. In order to do this, bioceramics may be...
Authors: P. Lok, Philip Boughton, T. Kishen, Ashish D. Diwan
Abstract:The nucleus of a spinal disc is seamlessly connective and protectively supportive of the joint within which it is enveloped. A range of...
Authors: Alex Baume, Nick Coleman, Philip Boughton
Abstract:The manufacturing process for in vitro tissue culture products and medical devices relies on a validated sterilization route for ensuring...
Authors: Sandeep Liyanage, Philip Boughton, G. Roger, Jari Hyvarinen, Andrew Ruys
Abstract:Review of current Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) anchor technologies indicates that many devices facilitate osteointegration but not soft...
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