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Authors: A.R. Fariza, A. Zuraida, Iis Sopyan
Abstract:Porous tri-calcium phosphate, well-known for its use as artificial bone, was prepared via sponge polymeric method by the application of low...
Authors: T. Ayele, A.B.Z. Zuki, M.M. Noordin, B.M.A. Noorjahan
Abstract:A novel tissue engineered construct was used to engineer skeletal muscle tissue for reconstruction of abdominal wall defects, which is a...
Authors: S.S. Pradhan, A. Sarkar
Abstract:Gum Arabica, an Electro-Active Bio-Polymer (EABP) is employed to develop photosensitive bio-complexes with chromophore matter collected from...
Authors: Zaki Ahmad, Intesar Ahmad, Faheemuddin Patel
Abstract:Research on fog harvesting for drinking water is uncommon because it is not a continuous climatic phenomenon and concerns only arid and...
Authors: Vuk Uskoković
Abstract:This review presents a discourse on challenges in understanding and imitating the process of amelogenesis in vitro on the molecular scale. In...
Authors: Yu Jia Ma, Nicole S. Bryce, Renee M. Whan, Lucy Xiao, Kai Li, Andrew Ruys, Trevor W. Hambley, Philip Boughton
Abstract:Tissue engineering will play an increasingly vital role in cancer research. Provision of biomimetic microenvironment systems for in vitro...
Authors: Imelda Keen, Traian V. Chirila, Zeke Barnard, Z. Zainuddin, Andrew K. Whittaker
Abstract:A series of linear poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA) with defined molecular weights (MW) and narrow molecular distributions were...
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