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Authors: Vincenzo Sollazzo, Furio Pezzetti, Annalisa Palmieri, Ambra Girardi, Francesca Farinella, Francesco Carinci
Abstract:Pure titanium and titanium alloys are materials widely used in orthopaedics and dental surgery because of their mechanical properties,...
Authors: Juan Vivanco, Bryce Smith, Alex Blake, Justin Williams, Kevin Turner, Heidi Ploeg
Abstract:It is known that conventional scaffold manufacturing techniques have low reproducibility and control of the micro-architecture features....
Authors: Tamer S. Sabet, Ronald Ho, Jonathan Choi, Philip Boughton, Ashish D. Diwan
Abstract:This in vitro study compared the effects of nucleotomy alone, with nucleotomy then implantation with a novel nucleus replacement device (D3...
Authors: Sapna Ratan Shah
Abstract:Diabetic patients are entangled to various cardiovascular diseases due to increased blood viscosity. Therefore the blood viscosity of...
Authors: D. Devika, G. Arumaikkannu
Abstract:Patient anatomy specific orthopaedic implant design, fabrication and identification of the most suitable position to fix implants onto bone...
Authors: Zhi Yuan Gao, Jian Xin Jiang, Ning Yin
Abstract:The thermo-sensitive graft-polymer of Gleditsia Sinensis polysaccharide with N-Isopropyl Acrylamide (NIPAM) was prepared and cross linked...
Authors: Shu Wen Zhou, Si Qi Zhang, Ying Yang, Gui Qiu Song
Abstract:The human spinal column is a highly complex and sophisticated system both from an engineering and neurological point of view, and provides a...
Authors: Philip Boughton, Y. Chen, C. Thompson, G. Roger, Jari Hyvarinen, Andrew Ruys
Abstract:Intramedullary (IM) nails are routinely used to stabilize long bone fractures. They can however lead to stress shielding, pain, migration,...
Authors: Michael L. Branham
Abstract:The objectives of this study were to compare transport characteristics of the soluble interleukin-2 receptor (CD25) in haemodialyzers (high-...
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