International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 15

Volume 15

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.M. Lawan, W.A.W.Z. Abidin, W.Y. Chai, Azhaili Baharun, Thelaha Masri

Abstract: Energy is a catalyst for national development; most of the countries depend on hydrocarbon fuels for power generation. The traditional...

Authors: Santina di Salvo

Abstract: Abstract. The intent of this paper is to connect science and technology in order to demonstrate how, in the field of on photovoltaic...

Authors: M.C. Ekwonu, Simon Perry, E.A. Oyedoh

Abstract: In this paper, the integration of Gas Engines with the Rankine cycle and Organic Rankine cycle for use as a combined cooling, heating and...

Authors: Wei Min Cheng, Lu Lu Sun, Gang Wang, Hong Yuan Qu

Abstract: Under the action of unstable disturbance stress, the stress concentration and roadway deformation are serious when tunneling along the goaf...

Authors: Ani Tjitra Handayani, Bagus Hario Setiaji, Sri Prabandiyani

Abstract: Asphalt Concrete mixture of polymer modification are used to reduce the damage early and increasing the durability of pavement to various...

Authors: John K. Makunza, G.Senthil Kumaran

Abstract: Most of the Governmental and religious building structures in Rungwe district are masonry structures built during the German East Africa...

Authors: Khial Nassima, Rachid Mehaddene

Abstract: The durability of reinforced concrete structures is reduced by the chloride penetration and susceptibility of the reinforcement to chloride...

Authors: Karinate Valentine Okiy

Abstract: This article looks at the effects of considering two-dimensional temperature distributions in analyzing different fin configurations (radial...

Authors: Ghazi Abdelkader

Abstract: The bonding is a method of maintaining solidly and permanently attaching two surfaces, similar or different of materials by adhesive.It is...

Authors: Raja Ahsan Javed, Shi Fan Zhu, Feng Chun Jiang

Abstract: The researchers and scientists have concluded that material dynamic fracture properties must be considered during the design stage of the...


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