International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 17

Volume 17

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pijush Samui

Abstract: This article employs Relevance Vector Machine (RVM) for prediction of two fracture parameters {Critical Stress Intensity Factorand Critical...

Authors: R.S. Rimal Isaac, S. Subin, P. Prakash, P.K. Praseetha

Abstract: In this present work a response surface optimization was done to study the effect of the variables curing days, Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotube...

Authors: S. Amutha, D. Arul Prakash, M. Lakshmipathy, G.Senthil Kumaran

Abstract: The use of waste materials is one of the options for sustainable construction. In this paper the coconut shell waste is considered as coarse...

Authors: Shi Hui Zhou, Guo Dong, Zheng Ji Li

Abstract: Experimental data obtained from full-scale experiments determines the stiffness of wedge connected of scaffold.A finite element model is...

Authors: Yun Qing Gu, Tian Xing Fan, Jie Gang Mou, Deng Hao Wu, Shui Hua Zheng, Lan Fang Jiang

Abstract: With the development of world’s economy, energy shortage gradually appears. Resistance has a great influence on energy consumption. In other...

Authors: Fazl E. Ahad, Dong Yan Shi

Abstract: Plates are one of the most important structural components used in many industries like aerospace, marine and various other engineering...

Authors: M.M. Bouziane, A. Moulgada, N. Djebbara, A. Sahli, B. Bachir Bouiadjra, S. Benbarek

Abstract: In orthopaedic surgery and particularly in the total hip arthroplasty, the stem fixation is performed in general using a surgical cement...

Authors: Salah Hamed Ramadan Ali, Omar M. Mohamd

Abstract: Dimensional metrology plays an important role in the modern manufacturing technology. Accurate machining technology remains the main focus...

Authors: S. Nallusamy, N. Manikanda Prabu, J. Jayaprakash, K. Rajan

Abstract: The presence of Robots in all engineering industries and commercial applications is tremendously growing day by day. Considering this there...

Authors: Efosa Osaghae, Charles A. Ikonwa, Ehimen Ibhadode

Abstract: The continuous desire to drift from the conventional sources of energy to renewable energy resources is stymied by the intermittent nature...


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