International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 18

Volume 18

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Miroslav Rimár, Peter Šmeringai, Marcel Fedák, Štefan Kuna

Abstract: This paper explains the design of real-time control system for control of drives containing the artificial muscles. Described is the design...

Authors: Peter Marčan, Ján Rofár, Branislav Mičieta

Abstract: This paper describes a new approach to robotics. The new trend in the field of robotics is human-robot cooperation. Manufacturers of robots...

Authors: Mária Tóthová, Milan Balara, Ján Dubják

Abstract: The automatic heating control systems seem to be the nonlinear systems with thermal inertias and time delay. The controller is also...

Authors: Rudolf Drga, Dagmar Janáčová

Abstract: This article deals with a way to control the very precise positioner for measuring spatial characteristics of detectors used in the security...

Authors: Martin Mariška, Ivan Taufer, Imrich Koštial, Petr Doležel, Pavol Palička

Abstract: This paper deals with a proposal of predictive control system for the magnesite thermal treatment in rotary furnace. The mathematical model...

Authors: Miroslav Rimár, Peter Šmeringai, Marcel Fedák

Abstract: This paper explains proposed real-time control system algorithm modifications for control of drives containing the artificial muscles. The...

Authors: Miluse Viteckova, Antonin Vitecek

Abstract: At present the two degrees of freedom (2DOF) controllers are more often available. These controllers enable to tune both from point of view...

Authors: Juraj Miček, Jozef Juríček

Abstract: Method of control signal shaping has been being used in the steering systems with flexible elements since the 1990s. Many useful...

Authors: Pavol Fedor, Daniela Perdukova

Abstract: The paper presents a methodology for designing a fuzzy model for the middle section of a continuous processing line for tension processing...


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