International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 19

Volume 19

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ilham Aguida Bella, Aîssa Asroun, Nabil Bella

Abstract: The aggregates factory consumes a big quantity of energy; by consequence, it costs money, in the other hand it produces a lot of waste...

Authors: Niveen Farid, Hatem Hussein, Mohamed El-Bahrawi

Abstract: The present work discusses the optical fiber strain induced by the thermal and the mechanical effects. Two different optical fibers of...

Authors: P.A. Gowri Sankar, G. Sathiyabama

Abstract: The continuous scaling down of metal-oxide-semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) led to the considerable impact in the...

Authors: M. Umamaheswar, M.C. Raju, S.V.K. Varma

Abstract: In this manuscript, we have investigated the influence of radiation absorption on an unsteady MHD convective heat and mass transfer flow of...

Authors: Macharla Jayachandra Babu, Naramgari Sandeep, Chakravarthula S.K. Raju

Abstract: In this paper, we analyzed the thermophoresis and Brownian motion effects on the boundary layer flow of a magnetohydrodynamic Eyring-Powell...

Authors: Chakravarthula S.K. Raju, Macharla Jayachandra Babu, Naramgari Sandeep

Abstract: The objective of this paper is to analyze the influence of thermal radiation and chemical reaction on the boundary layer flow of a...

Authors: S. Sanjith, R. Ganeshan

Abstract: The rapid growth of remote sensing technology has a great advantage in producing high resolution images which are huge in data volume. Due...

Authors: Yun Qing Gu, Tian Xing Fan, Jie Gang Mou, Lan Fang Jiang, Deng Hao Wu, Shui Hua Zheng

Abstract: The earthworm is a common terrestrial animal, its physical structure and morphology characteristics are very distinctive. Through of...

Authors: Putu Alit Suthanaya

Abstract: Karangasem region is the lowest income region in Bali Province-Indonesia. The people are highly dependent on using motorcycle for their...

Authors: S. Nallusamy, M. Ganesan, K. Balakannan, C. Shankar

Abstract: In recent days of competitive world industries are getting upward pressure to keep environment green to go for sustainable manufacturing...


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