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Authors: Gbenga Folorunso Oluyemi, Babs Mufutau Oyeneyin, Chris Macleod
Abstract:Exploration and production activities have moved into more challenging deep-water and subsea environments. Many of the clastic reservoirs in...
Authors: O.A. Olafuyi
Abstract:Advances in micro-CT imaging of porous materials provide the opportunity to extract representative networks from the images. This improves...
Authors: Muhammed Olawale Hakeem Amuda, W. Subair, O.W. Obitayo
Abstract:The effect of some process parameters on the weight of zinc deposited on mild steel in a typical electroplating process is reported. The...
Authors: Ebenezer Adom, Peter Kew, Keith Cornwell
Abstract:An experimental study has been carried out using a tube bank representing a section of a tube bundle. The bank comprised 3 columns each of 10...
Authors: B. Chetti
Abstract:This work is an investigation of the performance characteristics of an offset journal bearing lubricated with a fluid with couple stresses...
Authors: J.O. Emagbetere, F.O. Edeko
Abstract:The numerical solution of the partial differential equation (PDE) of the received signal strength from fixed transmitting stations as derived...
Authors: A.C. Igboanugo
Abstract:There are several reasons why public power supply policy in Nigeria needs to be reviewed. This paper points out the justification based on...
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