International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 20

Volume 20

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A. Saravanapandi Solairajan, S. Alexraj, P. Vijaya Rajan, Godwin Jose

Abstract: Glass fiber reinforced composite material was fabricated using E-glass fiber with unsaturated polyester resin. In Glass Fiber Reinforced...

Authors: Omar Monir Koura, Ahmed Samy El-Akkad

Abstract: End milling is a key machining operation in industrial world, particularly in manufacturing of dies and similar products. Although, such...

Authors: Akhtar Khan, Kalipada Maity

Abstract: Non-conventional manufacturing techniques are most widely used in industries in order to achieve high accuracy and desirable product...

Authors: Husein Adam Nakhawa, S.S. Thipse

Abstract: Today, in the automotive emissions ultrafine and nanoparticles emissions are of very high importance because of their vulnerable effects to...

Authors: Ravishankar Sathyamurthy, P.K. Nagarajan, D. Vijayakumar

Abstract: In the study work effect of PCM on the triangular pyramid solar still was experimentally investigated for the climatic condition of Chennai....

Authors: Venkata Ramana Reddy Janke, V. Sugunamma, Naramgari Sandeep

Abstract: In this paper, we investigated the effects of hall current and thermal diffusion on an unsteady flow of a nanofluid in the presence of...

Authors: P. Chandra Reddy, M.C. Raju, G.S.S. Raju

Abstract: This manuscript presents the diffusion thermo and thermo diffusion effects on unsteady MHD natural convection heat and mass transfer flow...

Authors: Naramgari Sandeep, Chalavadi Sulochana, Isaac Lare Animasaun

Abstract: With every passing day the heat transfer enhancement in the convectional base fluids plays a major role in several industrial and...

Authors: Chalavadi Sulochana, Samrat S. Payad, Naramgari Sandeep

Abstract: This study deals with the three-dimensional magnetohydrodynamic Casson fluid flow, heat and mass transfer over a stretching surface in the...

Authors: Venkata Ramana Reddy Janke, Vanagala Sugunamma, Naramgari Sandeep

Abstract: In this study we investigated the effect of nonlinear thermal radiation on magnetohydrodynamic flow between horizontal rotating plates in...


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