International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 23

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Olayide Rasaq Adetunji, Onwuka O. Ude, Sidikat I. Kuye, Enock O. Dare, Kamol O. Alamu, Sunday A. Afolalu

Abstract: Enormous funds are spent on the protection of engineering components and structures annually as a result of corrosion. Degradation sets in,...

Authors: M. Mostafizur Rahman, Shaon Talukdar, Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury, Rasel Khan, Abdullah A. Masum, Nurul Islam

Abstract: A hot filament thermal chemical vapor deposition (CVD) reactor was used to deposit solid thin films on stainless steel 316 (SS 316) and...

Authors: Omokhafe James Tola, Adamu Murtala Zungeru, F.O. Usifo, Ambafi James Garba

Abstract: The world’s energy requirement has been dominated by petroleum oil resources for years in many applications, especially in the area of...

Authors: Abhijit Saha, Himadri Majumder

Abstract: Turning is one amongst the most adequate and cost-effective method in manufacturing environment. To meet the difficulties of extensive...

Authors: Akhtar Khan, Kalipada Maity

Abstract: Optimization of non-conventional machining (NCM) processes viz. AJM, AWJM, EDM, WEDM, ECM, ECMM, LBM, PAC, etc. has always been an open...

Authors: Johnson R. Oluremi, Rafat Siddique, Ekundayo P. Adeboje

Abstract: A dark reddish-brown lateritic soil collected from existing borrow pit abandoned by Reynold Construction Company Ltd behind New WAZOBIA...

Authors: Nasim Sarami, Leila Mahdavian

Abstract: Using from Stone factory waste was obtained a high-quality artificial stone. The basis of these stones is factory waste; i. Sludge stone...

Authors: Santina di Salvo

Abstract: The project activity presides over the choice of materials and technical capacity within two dimensions of action: the previous knowledge...

Authors: F. Lu, C. Zhang, J. Sun, J.X. Tian, M. Liu, Y.H. Wu

Abstract: In order to improve working efficiency of the tunneling process and extend working life of disc cutter, explore the impact of cutter spacing...

Authors: C. Sulochana, S.Payad Samrat, N. Sandeep

Abstract: The present study is a numerical investigation of heat and mass transfer in two-dimensional MHD stagnation point flow of a radiative Carreau...


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