International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 24

Volume 24

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Xiang Zhang, Jian Hai Yang, Li Ling Ge, Xin Zhang, Jia Zhao Chen

Abstract: A nanostructured surface layer is formed on 2219 Al alloy plate by means of supersonic fine particles bombarding (SFPB). The surface...

Authors: Mosbah Zidani, Mohamed Djamel Hadid, Toufik Djimaoui, Salim Messaoudi, Lakhdar Bessais, Djamel Miroud, Hichem Farh, Marie Hélène Mathon, Thierry Baudin

Abstract: An investigation has been done to study the effect of heat treatment at low temperature on the development of mechanical and electrical...

Authors: Shafeeq Rahman, P.K. Praseetha

Abstract: Graphene oxides are known for their affinity towards ionic components. Hence this property could be utilized to remove the impurities...

Authors: Eghe Oyedoh, Charles Odumugbo, Eboseremen Osemenkhian Ebewele

Abstract: The oil production industry in Nigeria operates both onshore and more recently offshore in the coastal areas located in the oil-rich...

Authors: Mohamed Amine Touzout, Rachid Chebili

Abstract: Optimum design in civil structures like domes and vaults is a very old and ongoing research field. These structures are preferably designed...

Authors: Yun Qing Gu, Zheng Zan Shi, Jie Gang Mou, Hao Shuai Wang, Pei Jian Zhou

Abstract: In order to improve the efficiency of centrifugal pump, based on the bionics principle, established non-smooth surfaces of various groove...

Authors: A.K. Parida, K.P. Maity

Abstract: In the present work DEA (data envelopment analysis) coupled with Taguchi method has used for optimization in process parameters of hot...

Authors: A.K. Parida, K.P. Maity

Abstract: This paper presents a desirability function approach in order to find out an optimal combination of Machining parameters for multi-response...

Authors: Osezua Obehi Ibhadode, Ishaya Musa Dagwa, Akii Okonigbon Akhaehomen Ibhadode

Abstract: Calibration curves of a multi-component dynamometer is of essence in machining operations in a lathe machine as they serve to provide values...

Authors: Ragab A. El-Sehiemy, Mohammed Badeaa Shafiq, Ahmed M. Azmy

Abstract: This paper proposes a procedure based on a multi-phase seeker optimization algorithm (MSOA) for optimizing the commitment of transmission...


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