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Authors: Yun Sen Wang
Abstract:According to the actual situation of the coexistence of multi-sensor and multi-protocol in Mine Monitoring System, a comprehensive monitoring...
Authors: Stephen Twum, Elaine Aspinwall
Abstract:Optimal allocation of reliability to components of a system is one of the several ways of ensuring high system reliability in design. The...
Authors: S. Nallusamy
Abstract:Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) of a machine plays a significant role in the present scenario, where right quality and right delivery...
Authors: Sun Hui
Abstract:With the complex force characteristics of double row steel sheet pile retaining structure. Through the PLAXIS 3D finite element model is...
Authors: Ibtissam Kourdou, Toufik Cherradi
Abstract:Following the floods of November 2014, several southern regions of Morocco have experienced major losses and damage in particular...
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