International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 28

Volume 28

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Karim Djemmal, Hichem Farh, Rebai Guemini, Mosbah Zidani, Fares Serradj

Abstract: AlMgSi alloys (6XXX series) provide a good strength due to the precipitation of β” and β (Mg2Si) phases. They have...

Authors: Amine Bakhti, Farouk Benallel Boukhoulda

Abstract: The objective of the present work is an analysis of vibratory responses due to the impact of projectile in steel against a glass/polyester...

Authors: Madara M. Ogot

Abstract: This study developed the necessary underlying experimental data and models to demonstrate the feasibility of using pre-compression of scrap...

Authors: Messaoud Baazouzi, Mekki Mellas, Abdelhak Mabrouki, Djamel Benmeddour

Abstract: The bearing capacity of shallow foundation near slope has always been one of the subjects of major interest in geotechnical engineering for...

Authors: Gideon O. Bamigboye, David O. Olukanni, Adeola A. Adedeji, Olatokun Ofuyatan, Ayobami Busari, Imokhai T Tenebe, Praisegod C. Emenike, Babatunde Oniemayin

Abstract: The study evaluated the properties of gravel aggregate sourced within Oyo north senatorial district for concrete production in place of...

Authors: Karthik Silaipillayarputhur, Ali Al-Saif, Musab Al-Otaibi

Abstract: In this paper, steady state sensible performance analysis on multi pass parallel cross flow exchanger was considered. The inputs to the heat...

Authors: Tunde M. Ajayi, A.J. Omowaye, Isaac Lare Animasaun

Abstract: In this article, the motion of two-dimensional Casson fluid flows with temperature dependent plastic dynamic viscosity together with double...

Authors: O.K. Koriko, A.J. Omowaye, Isaac Lare Animasaun, Idris O. Babatunde

Abstract: The problem of unsteady non – Newtonian flow past a vertical porous surface in the presence of thermal radiation is investigated. Using the...

Authors: F.I. Alao, A.J. Omowaye, A.I. Fagbade, Babatunde O. Ajayi

Abstract: In this article, a comparative analysis of free convective Blasius and Sakiadis flows of a viscous fluid over a vertical porous surface is...

Authors: Oluwole Daniel Makinde, Z.H. Khan, W.A. Khan, M.S. Tshehla

Abstract: The magneto-hemodynamic laminar flow of a conducting incompressible viscous nanofluid (blood) through a channel of slowly varying width...


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