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Authors: Angelo Mazzù
Abstract:In many developing countries wood is the main energy source, and its exploitation is accelerating deforestation and desertification. In order...
Authors: Niveen Farid
Abstract:In this paper, Monte Carlo method (MCM) is used to analyze the uncertainty of optical calibration of end standards using both contact and...
Authors: B.O. Malomo, S.A. Ibitoye, L.O. Adekoya
Abstract:The NST 37-2 steel represents about 75% volume of Nigerian-produced steel which is yet to be fully characterized for its fatigue behavior....
Authors: J.O. Osarenmwinda, J.C. Nwachukwu
Abstract:Study was carried out to develop a composite material from agro waste consisting of sawdust and palm kernel shell and to determine its...
Authors: A.O. Adelaja, S.J. Ojolo
Abstract:The photovoltaic (pv) forced convection solar dryer comprises the solar collector, dryer and pv assemblies. It is designed for a continuous...
Authors: Aldo Okullo, A.K. Temu, J.W. Ntalikwa, P. Ogwok
Abstract:The most important factors that influence biodiesel production are temperature, molar ratio, catalyst amount, time and degree of agitation....
Authors: G.O. Umosekhaimhe, S.E. Umukoro
Abstract:The thermochemical properties of varieties of species needed to assess the most prominent pathways of tropospheric ozone transformation have...
Authors: Agapitus A. Amadi, K.J. Osinubi
Abstract:Lateritic soils are pedogenic surface deposits which occur in vast areas of tropical and subtropical regions of the world and find use as...
Authors: J.D. Muhehe, L.M. Muia, W.O. Ogola, C.G. Pardo, J. Molina-Garcia-Pardo, L. Juan–Llacer
Abstract:In this paper, a 2x2 and a 4x4 indoor MIMO measurement campaign at a (2 -5) GHz is presented. A statistical analysis to study the effects of...
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