International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 30

Volume 30

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kolawole Adesola Oladejo, Dare Aderibigbe Adetan, Ayobami Samuel Ajayi, Oluwasanmi Oluwagbenga Aderinola

Abstract: This study investigated bending stress distribution on involute spur gear tooth profiles with pressure angle of 20 ̊ but different modules...

Authors: Baltach Abdelghani, Aid Abdelkarim, Djebli Abdelkader, Belabbes Bachir Bouiedjra, Benhamena Ali

Abstract: A nonlinear 3-D finite element analysis was conducted to analyze the crack front behavior of a center cracked aluminum plate, asymmetrically...

Authors: Osezua Obehi Ibhadode, Ishaya Musa Dagwa, Jude Odianosen Asibor, Eghosa Omo-Oghogho

Abstract: Beam-like members such as shafts, levers, frame components, beam structures, etc. are regularly designed and constructed in the field of...

Authors: H. Hachimi, S. Assif, Y. Aoues, Abdelkhalak El Hami, Rachid Ellaia, M. Agouzoul

Abstract: In this paper, a new hybrid method of optimization by the heuristics algorithms to evaluate the reliability of the electronic card by...

Authors: Adel Saoudi, Farida Khamouli, L'hadi Atoui, Mosbah Zidani, Hichem Farh

Abstract: The aim of this study is to model the distribution patterns of the different mechanical properties of a submerged arc welded pipeline steel...

Authors: Ahmad Al-Maharma, Naser Al-Huniti

Abstract: In this research, the effect of nanosized air bubbles embedded within carbon nanotubes (CNTs) coated by various thicknesses of alumina...

Authors: Akeem Ayinde Raheem, Solomon I. Adedokun, E.A. Adeyinka, B.V. Adewole

Abstract: In an attempt to reuse and convert agro wastes into useful materials for the construction industry, this research considered the application...

Authors: Fateh Ferroudji, Cherif Khelifi, Farouk Meguellati, Khaled Koussa

Abstract: Modeling and simulation of mechanical structures in development phase are fundamental to optimize and improve the stability and reliability...

Authors: Brahim Berbaoui

Abstract: This paper presents a study of proposed approach founded on series active power filter based on photovoltaic array (PV-SAPF) which is...

Authors: Andrew C. Eloka-Eboka, Freddie L. Inambao

Abstract: Micro-algae are a large and diverse group of simple typically autotrophic organisms which have the potential to produce greater amounts of...


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