International Journal of Engineering Research in Africa Vol. 4

Volume 4

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Samwel Victor Manyele

Abstract: In this work, the effect of peel and reject losses on the value added to the dried pineapple fruits was analyzed. The major factors include...

Authors: O.A. Olafuyi, Y. Cinar, M.A. Knackstedt, W.V. Pinczewski

Abstract: This paper presents the results of drainage capillary pressure and relative permeability measurements made on cores having different bulk...

Authors: U.P. Igboanusi, J.U. Okere

Abstract: Natural gas hydrates are ice-like materials which exist in permafrost regions and in the continental margins of oceans. They constitute a...

Authors: C.C. Chama

Abstract: Quantitative microscopy techniques for manually measuring parameters on light, scanning, and transmission electron microscope images are...

Authors: M.T. Abou El Khair

Abstract: AlSiMg (A357) composites containing 10 vol. % zirconia (ZrO2) particulates have been synthesized by the stir process followed by squeeze...

Authors: C.O. Anyaeche, R.A. Okwara

Abstract: Project portfolio selection involves decision making and it plays a crucial role in any organization. Therefore selecting not just the right...

Authors: Olaitan Akinsanmi, B.A. Adegboye, G.A. Olarinoye, M.B. Soroyewun

Abstract: This paper presents a Neuro-Fuzzy based modeling of electrostatic fields for harmattan season in Zaria, Nigeria based on online based data...


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