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Authors: A.S. Benosman, M. Mouli, H. Taïbi, M. Belbachir, Y. Senhadji
Abstract:This paper describes an innovative use of plastic bottle waste as cement-substitution within composite materials for preventing chemical...
Authors: Reza Taherian, Mozhgan Moradzaman, Mohammad Jaffar Hadianfard, Ahmad Nozad Golikand
Abstract:This paper focuses on the optimization of ball milling as a dry mixing method and comparison with the wet method for manufacturing...
Authors: Elkanah Oyetunji, Ayodeji E. Oluleye
Abstract:This paper considers the bicriteria scheduling problem of minimizing the total earliness and the total tardiness on a single machine with...
Authors: M.H. Oladeinde, John A. Akpobi
Abstract:In this paper the effect of semi die angle on drawing load in cold tube drawing has been investigated numerically using the finite element...
Authors: Ebenezer Adom, Peter Kew, Keith Cornwell
Abstract:The recent interest in boiling heat transfer in small diameter tubes has led to the study of boiling heat transfer outside a compact tube...
Authors: O.D. Nworgu, O.D. Osahon
Abstract:Crude oil samples from four oil wells in Nigeria were analyzed for the following seven trace elements: V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Pb using...
Authors: P.S. Kwawukume, Albert Essuman, Robert Amoanyi
Abstract:The use of non-essential materials in Ghana like granites, cocoa pod ash and shells as fluxes has been studied in the composition of a local...
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