Preparation of Porous Alumina by Anodization


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The characteristics of porous alumina produced by anodization in both oxalic acid and sulfuric acid solution have been studied. The diameter of the pores for oxalic acid as electrolyte is about 60 nm and for sulfuric acid as electrolyte is about 30 nm. The morphologies of the pores have been improved by two-step anodization process. It has been observed that the temperature and operation voltage are two of the most important factors in the fabrication process of porous alumina films.


Edited by:

M. Gupta and Christina Y.H. Lim




C.X. Xu et al., "Preparation of Porous Alumina by Anodization", Journal of Metastable and Nanocrystalline Materials, Vol. 23, pp. 75-78, 2005

Online since:

January 2005




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