Science and Technology of Nanomaterials

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: H.S. Mavi, S. Rath, Arun Shukla

Abstract: Laser-induced etching of silicon is used to generate silicon nanocrystals. The pore structure depends on the substrate type and etching...

Authors: M.H. Sim, J.M. Xue, J. Wang

Abstract: Nanocrystalline calcium bismuth titanate (CaBi4Ti4O15), which exhibits a layer structure, has been successfully synthesized by mechanical...

Authors: William R. Richmond, Gordon M. Parkinson, Franca Jones, Mark I. Ogden, Allan Oliveira, Manijeh Reyhani, Andrew L. Rohl

Abstract: The effects of a series of polyphosphonate and poly-carboxylate additives have been investigated in the crystallization of various inorganic...

Authors: A. Alderson, K.L. Alderson, K.E. Evans, J.N. Grima, M.S. Williams

Abstract: Analytical and Molecular Mechanics methods have been used to study the deformation mechanisms acting at the molecular level in the auxetic...

Authors: W.S. Toh, Z.H. Zhou, J.M. Xue, J. Wang, Zoe H. Barber, J.E. Evetts

Abstract: To study the effects of doping the layered perovskite SrBi2Ta2O9 with an appropriate amount of tungsten, both undoped and W-doped SrBi2Ta2O9...

Authors: Z.W. Zhao, B.K. Tay, G.Q. Yu, S.P. Lau

Abstract: Zirconium oxide thin films were deposited at room temperature by using off-plane filtered cathodic vacuum arc (FCVA). Deposition rate, film...

Authors: P. Zhang, B.K. Tay, G.Q. Yu, S.P. Lau

Abstract: Nanocomposite Si containing amorphous carbon (a-C:Si) and metal containing amorphous carbon (a-C:Me) films including a-C:Al, a-C:Ti, and...

Authors: Fantao Kong, Xi Yao, Min Qiang Wang, Haiqing Jiang, Yun Peng Wang

Abstract: Semiconductor ZnSe nanocrystals (NCs)-doped SiO2 glasses (designated as ZnSe/SiO2 nanocomposites) were prepared successfully by using...

Authors: C.X. Xu, X.S. Zhang, X.W. Sun

Abstract: The characteristics of porous alumina produced by anodization in both oxalic acid and sulfuric acid solution have been studied. The diameter...

Authors: Chuan Bao Cao, Ruitao Lv, He Sun Zhu

Abstract: Nanorods of a compound semiconductor, BiOCl, have been prepared from BiCl3 solutions containing a nonionic surfactant,...


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