Science and Technology of Nanomaterials

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Ping Li, Z.J. Zhao, T.B. Oh, H.L. Seet

Abstract: In order to develop high sensitivity micro sensors for bio-magnetic field using NiFe electroplated composite sensing elements, it is...

Authors: X.L. Zhong, Manoj Gupta

Abstract: In present study, elemental magnesium was reinforced with nano-size alumina particles (50-nm). The composite samples were synthesized using...

Authors: Sam Zhang, Deen Sun, Yong Qing Fu, H. Du, Qing Zhang

Abstract: Nanocrystalline TiN (or nc-TiN) has been imbedded in amorphous silicon nitride (a-SiNx)matrix to form a nanocomposite thin film...

Authors: Xinglong Tan, Shaoyu Qiu, Wenyan He, Daifu Lei

Abstract: The properties of nano WC/Co hardmetals prepared by different Spark Plasma Sintering processes were measured. A 4-layer Functionally Graded...

Authors: S. Bansal, A.M. Saxena, T. Hartwig, Rao R. Tummala

Abstract: Bulk nanocrystalline copper and nickel (average grain size ~ 50 nm) with high purity and density were synthesized by equichannel angular...

Authors: H.F. Li, R.V. Ramanujan

Abstract: Mechanical alloying (MA) is a widely used processing technique to prepare metastable or nanophase materials in a cost effective fashion. In...

Authors: Qing Feng Wang, Peng Cheng Zhang, Xiao Hong Wang, Da Peng Ren, Ding Mu Lang, Yan Zhi Zhang

Abstract: Microstructure of nickel deposit ,which was prepared with pulse-plating technology on depleted uranium surface, has been studied by X-ray...

Authors: Tatsuo Ohgushi, Mayumi Nagae

Abstract: Na-X zeolite easily caused a thermal runaway by microwave radiation of 500W but Ca-X zeolite merely reached ca. 300°C. Mixtures of Ca-X and...

Authors: Xing Yi Ling, Zhaolin Liu, Jim Yang Lee

Abstract: The rapid synthesis of platinum nanoparticles using ethylene glycol and microwave dielectric heating is reported here. The Pt nanoparticles...

Authors: Rengaswamy Jayaganthan, Gan Moog Chow

Abstract: An analysis of surface segregation of Au-Ti alloy nanoparticle (atomic ratio 1:1) is carried out using Monte Carlo simulation with the...


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