Science and Technology of Nanomaterials

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: S.W. Du, R.V. Ramanujan

Abstract: The Herzer model suggests that superior magnetic properties can be observed in magnetic alloys provided a suitable microstructure...

Authors: J.H. Hsieh, Can Hua Li, C.M. Wang, Y.C. Liu, Z.Z. Tang

Abstract: Four alloy thin films were deposited on Si(100) by co-sputtering of various metals to investigate the formation of near-amorphous structure...

Authors: Soo Jin Park, Byung Joo Kim

Abstract: In this work, the catalytic reduction of NO over activated carbon fibers (ACFs)/Ag prepared by nanoscaled Ag electroplating has been...

Authors: K. Moto, Stan Veprek

Abstract: As alternative to TiN based material, nc-(Ti1-xAlx)N and h-AlN were deposited on steel substrate using plasma CVD technique and...

Authors: Zhou Wei, Oh Joo Tien, Hng Huey Hoon

Abstract: Nickel-based alloy is an important class of magnetic materials that have high permeability, large saturation and remnant magnetization, low...

Authors: Jittiporn Kruenate, R. Tongpool, P. Kongrat

Abstract: EVA/tetraethylorthosilane(silane) nanocomposites were prepared. Rheological properties were studied in both dynamic and steady modes at...

Authors: Matthew Oaten, Namita Roy Choudhury

Abstract: The potential of cyclic silsesquioxanes as flexible coatings has been explored in this work for corrosion protection of metal. A...

Authors: G.B. Ma, Jian Min Zhu, Nai Ben Ming

Abstract: Chestnut-bur-like rutile titania assemblies are successfully synthesized by a sonochemical method. Scanning electron microscopy and...

Authors: Z.G. Liu, L. Lu, M.O. Lai

Abstract: Formation of partial nanocrystal and amorphous tungsten alloys was synthesized via crystallization of a completely amorphized tungsten alloy...

Authors: Y.W. Liu, X.F. Rui, Y.Y. Fu, Han Zhang

Abstract: a-Fe2O3 nanowire was successfully synthesized by oxidation of pure iron. The as-synthesized a-Fe2O3 nanowire arrayed normal to the surface...


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