Science and Technology of Nanomaterials

Volume 23

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C.G. Hu, W.L. Wang, Bo Feng

Abstract: The carboxyl modified carbon nanotubes were obtained by treating them in the concentrated nitric acid with a little surfactant. The...

Authors: X.W. Sun, C.X. Xu, B.J. Chen, Y. Yang

Abstract: Zinc oxide (ZnO) microtube has been fabricated by heating the mixture of ZnO and graphite powders in the atmosphere. The ZnO microtubes...

Authors: Z.L. Tsakadze, K. Ostrikov, R. Storer, S. Xu

Abstract: Large area, highly uniform vertically aligned carbon nanotips (VACNTP) and other nanostructures have been grown on silicon (100) substrates...

Authors: Andreas K. Schaper, Hao Qing Hou, Werner Treutmann, Fritz Phillipp

Abstract: Electron microscope studies are reported of MWCNTs without and with metallic encapsulations prepared by pyrolysis of organo-metallic...

Authors: C.G. Hu, W.L. Wang, K.J. Liao, Y.T. Wang

Abstract: Electrochemical behaviors of epinephrine and ascorbic acid have been studied at the carbon nanotube electrode using cyclic voltammetry....

Authors: W.L. Wang, K.J. Liao, C. Cai, C.G. Hu, Y. Ma, J.W. Lu

Abstract: The piezoresistive effect in iodine-doped carbon nanotube films was investigated by a three-point bending test. Carbon nanotubes were...

Authors: C.G. Hu, W.L. Wang, Bo Feng, G.B. Liu

Abstract: The carbon nanotubes with carboxyl groups were obtained by using different chemical treatment methods. The electrical properties of the...

Authors: S. Rajagopalan, S.J. Sharma, V.Y. Nanotkar

Abstract: In the present work, ultrasonic velocity measurements have been carried out in solutions of silver nanoparticles in the polymer matrix of...

Authors: Anjali A. Athawale, Prachi P. Katre

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles were synthesized by irradiating silver nitrate solution (10-4 M) (methanol:water as a solvent) with different...

Authors: S. Sindhu, S. Jegadesan, R. Renu, S. Valiyaveettil

Abstract: Two classes of nanocomposites involving polymers and magnetic particles or silica were synthesized and characterized. Effect of polymer on...


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