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Authors: Deepika Shrivastava, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:The structural, electronic and elastic properties of CeTl with CsCl-type B2 structure have been investigated using full-potential...
Authors: Veena Thakur, Gitanjali Pagare, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:A theoretical study of structural and electronic properties of NdPd3 intermetallic compound has been investigated systematically...
Authors: Namrata Yaduvanshi, Sadhna Singh
Abstract:In the present paper we have calculated the phase transition and volume collapse of Samarium Bismuthide under pressure using a three body...
Authors: Nikita Acharya, Bushra Fatima, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:The bonding nature as well as structural and electronic properties of cubic XPt3 (X=Sc and Y) intermetallic compounds, which...
Authors: Shubhangi Soni, Arvind Jain, Kamal Kumar Choudhary, Netram Kaurav
Abstract:A theoretical study of the elastic behavior in IrN compound using effective interionic interaction potential is carried out. The estimated...
Authors: Chandrabhan Makode, Mahendra Aynyas, Jagdeesh Pataiya, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:The density functional theory within generalized gradient approximation (GGA) has been used to calculate lattice parameter, total energy,...
Authors: Sajad Ahmad Dar, Vipul Shrivastav, Umesh Kumar Sakalle
Abstract:Intermetallic compounds are innovative materials and are far superior to conventional metals and alloys. These intermetallic compounds have a...
Authors: Ekta Jain, Gitanjali Pagare, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:An ab-initio investigation on structural, electronic, optical, elastic and thermal properties of CuZr intermetallic compound using...
Authors: Shubha Dubey, Gitanjali Pagare, Ekta Jain, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:The structural properties and electronic properties of the intermetallic compound ErPb3 which crystallize in AuCu3 type...
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