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Authors: Arvind Jain, Shubhangi Soni, Sanjay Shah, Netram Kaurav
Abstract:We report a phenomenological model based calculation of pressure-induced structural phase transition and elastic properties of ZrN compound....
Authors: Ashok K. Ahirwar, Mahendra Aynyas, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:The crystal structural, mechanical and thermal properties of UXLa1-XS compound with different concentrations...
Authors: Anupam Selot, Kapil Dev, Mahendra Aynyas, Sanjay Bhatt
Abstract:A blue emitting phosphor BaAl2O4 doped with Gd3+ were prepared by combustion method at 5000C. The...
Authors: Venu Mankad, Vaishali Sharma, Prafulla K. Jha
Abstract:The objective of this paper is to study the low frequency acoustic vibration of Te2 cluster and CdSeTe nanoparticle embedded in...
Authors: Balwant Singh Arya, Mahendra Aynyas, Sankar P. Sanyal
Abstract:We have reported the phonon properties of AmS by using breathing shell models (BSM) which includes breathing motion of electrons of the Am...
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