A Nanoscale Surface Structure Removal Process Using Excimer Irradiation and a Cross-Shaped Electrode Tool


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A Newly Designed Cross-Shaped Electrode Tool and the Use of Excimer Irradiation to Assist in Micro-Electrochemical Etching (μ-ECE) Is Presented. It Is a Precise Surface Treatment Method for the Nanoscale Removal of Defective Indium-Tin-Oxide (In2O3SnO2) Conductive Nanostructure from Optical PET-Diaphragms (PET) of Digital Paper Touch-Panels. in the Current Study, 172nm Excimer Irradiation Is Used to Boost the Electrolytic Action of the Cross-Shaped Electrode Tool. Scoring of the PET Surface Is Eliminated and the Workpiece (PET) Feed Rate Can Be Higher with a Consequent Reduction in Production Costs. when Excimer Irradiation Is Used the In2o3sno2 Thin-Films Are More Easily Broken up and the Nano-Particles Escape from the PET Substrate Quickly and Cleanly. The Required Machining Time Is Shortened if Excimer Irradiation Is Used before the Electrochemical Removal Processing (μ-ECE) of the In2O3SnO2 Layer.



Journal of Nano Research (Volumes 18-19)




P.S. Pa "A Nanoscale Surface Structure Removal Process Using Excimer Irradiation and a Cross-Shaped Electrode Tool", Journal of Nano Research, Vols. 18-19, pp. 1-7, 2012

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July 2012





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