Journal of Nano Research Vol. 35

Volume 35

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jason Hsiao Chun Yang, Shang Hsuan Huang, Chao Chen Yang

Abstract: This study utilized chemical method to reform titania nanopowder into larger surface area titania-based nanotubes (NTs). Various factors,...

Authors: Zi Yan Zhao, Ying Zhou, Feng Gang Bian, Kun Hao Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we synthesized the CdSe quantum dots (QDs) about 4.5 nm, and using the in-situ XAFS technique to study the thermal expansion...

Authors: Susmita Das, Vimal Chandra Srivastava

Abstract: Metal oxide nanocomposite (ZnO-CuO) was successfully synthesized by one step homogeneous coprecipitation method and further characterized by...

Authors: K. Prem Ananth, Sujin P. Jose, A. Joseph Nathanael, Tae Hwan Oh, D. Mangalaraj, A.M. Ballamurugan

Abstract: Silica nanotubes with controlled diameter and length were synthesised by using a novel and modified template-sol-gel method. The consistency...

Authors: Ali Nakhaei Pour, Seyed Majed Modaresi

Abstract: Concepts of the surface excess energy in the present work have been applied to explain the methane formation in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis by...

Authors: Hadi Zare-Zardini, Farzad Ferdowsian, Hossein Soltaninejad, Adel Ghorani Azam, Safoura Soleymani, Masoud Zare-Shehneh, Mahtab Mofidi, Roya Rafati, Leila Ebrahimi

Abstract: Most of mortality worldwide occurs because of cancer diseases. Nanostructures are the new compounds that have become one of the most...

Authors: Heru Harsono, I.N.G. Wardana, A.A. Sonief, Darminto

Abstract: Introduction of Mn2+ ions into ZnO in the form of Zn(1-x)MnxO (0.00≤x≤0.25) has been done by means of...

Authors: Hasan Mir, Ahmad Gholamalizadeh Ahangar, Noshin Mir

Abstract: TiO2 nanoparticle is one of the most fascinating materials for stimulating germination and growth of various seeds. However, the...

Authors: Teresa R.G. Barroso, Verónica C. Martins, Filipe Cardoso, Susana Cardoso, Jorge Pedrosa, Margarida Correia-Neves, José Rivas, Paulo P. Freitas

Abstract: Tuberculosis is still a major global health concern, causing the estimated death of 1.5 million people per year and being associated with...

Authors: Mansour Almansour, Csaba Laszlo Sajti, Ziad Shraideh, Bashir Jarrar

Abstract: Silver nanoparticles (SNPs) are widely invested in nanomedicine and consuming products due to their unique antimicrobial properties....


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