Journal of Nano Research Vol. 37

Volume 37

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: C. Pugazhendhi Sugumaran, D. Edison Selvaraj

Abstract: Lithium ion batteries have become a popular power source for portable electronic equipments. It is found to be superior in gravimetric...

Authors: A Young Choi, Hyeon Jun Sim, Min Kyoon Shin, Seon Jeong Kim, Youn Tae Kim

Abstract: We confirm piezoelectric performance of bottom electrospun PVDF-TrFE mat is higher than that of top mat and report the mechanism of...

Authors: Asghari Jila, Khoje Golshad

Abstract: Composite of Cadmium sulphide (CdS) nanoparticle on the surface of polystyrene- co- maleic anidride (St-co-MMA) were prepared...

Authors: Muhammad Asghar Jamal, Ammar Bin Yousaf, Muhammad Kaleem Khosa, Muhammad Usman, Majid Khan

Abstract: Magnetite nanofluid has been prepared in citric acid based medium. Their stability and polydispersity level have been characterized by...

Authors: Shi Li Liu, Zhi Qing Xin, Xiu Li, Bei Qing Huang, Pu Jun Deng, Lu Hai Li

Abstract: High resolution pattern of silver nanoparticles has received great attentions for its application in various electronic devices such as...

Authors: M.S. Nisha, Dalbir Singh

Abstract: In this present work, the experimental study of developing the smart material by using 2 different preparation methods for developing...

Authors: Anatoliy Stepanovich Vereschaka, Alexey Anatolevich Vereschaka, D.V. Sladkov, A.Yu. Aksenenko, N.N. Sitnikov

Abstract: The study considers the challenge of improving the efficiency of dry finishing and semi-finishing turning of (P10-P20) steel with carbide...

Authors: S. Nallusamy, A. Manoj Babu

Abstract: Heat transfer development has encouraged researcher in recent decades to develop concepts and technologies promoted by manufactures of ultra...

Authors: Rupeshkumar V. Ramani, Bharat M. Ramani, Anjana D. Saparia, Davit Dhruv, J.H. Markna

Abstract: In this communication we report on the optical property of CuO nanoparticles prepared by cost effective, simplistic and environment-friendly...

Authors: Kh. Mohammadi, S. Safa, S. Safalou Moghaddam, M. Rabbani, Rouhollah Azimirad

Abstract: In this research, reduced graphene oxide/zinc oxide nanocomposites (rGO/ZnO) were synthesized at different pHs (9, 10, 11 and 12) by using...


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