Journal of Nano Research Vol. 38

Volume 38

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ahmed Shash, Amer E. Amer, Iman S. El-Mahallawi, Moataz A. El-Saeed

Abstract: In this study the effect of zirconia (ZrO2) nanoparticles (40 nm) in reinforcing A356 aluminum alloys as a base metal matrix were...

Authors: Halil Caliskan, Celil Cagatay Celil, Peter Panjan

Abstract: Thin hard coatings are widely used in the protection of cutting tools, dies and molds to prolong their wear resistance and lifetime....

Authors: A. Jiménez-Suárez, R. Moriche, S.G. Prolongo, M. Sánchez, A. Ureña

Abstract: The current tendency in electronics is the reduction of size while continuously increasing the power consumption due to new functionalities...

Authors: Jia Jiun Lai, Victor N.S. Bong, Basil T. Wong, Khameel B. Mustapha

Abstract: The main aim of this work is to analyze the various heat transport mechanisms and their roles in efficiency enhancement of a thin-film solar...

Authors: Kean Chuan Lee, Zulhilmi Akmal bin Saipolbahri, Hassan Soleimani, Hasnah Mohd. Zaid, Beh Hoe Guan, Dennis Ling Chuan Ching

Abstract: Zinc oxide (ZnO) with different nanoparticle (NP) sizes was prepared and synthesized by using the sol-gel method with organic precursor,...

Authors: Hassan Soleimani, Noor Rasyada Ahmad Latiff, Noorhana Yahya, Maziyar Sabet, Leila Khodapanah, Gregory Kozlowski, Lee Kean Chuan, Beh Hoe Guan

Abstract: Due to the geographical location and technological limitation, various novel enhanced oil recovery (EOR) methods has been proposed to...

Authors: A.H. Munhoz, J.S. Martins, R.R. Ribeiro, L.F. Miranda, R.C. Andrades, K.C. Bertachini, L.G.A. Silva

Abstract: Recently, the incidence of American Cutaneous Leishmaniasis (ACL) has been grown in Latin America, especially in Brazil, where from 1980 to...

Authors: Fadhéla Otmane, S. Triaa, Mohammed Azzaz

Abstract: In the present study we report on the microwave conductivity of Fe and Mg based nanocomposites. They consist of an epoxy resin matrix...

Authors: Soon Yee Liew, Wim Thielemans, Buddhika Hewakandamby

Abstract: In this paper, the separation of sulphuric acid from a suspension of cellulose nanocrystal by manual shaking is described. Cellulose...


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