Journal of Nano Research Vol. 39

Volume 39

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Elena Gnani, Emanuele Baravelli, Pasquale Maiorano, Antonio Gnudi, Susanna Reggiani, Giorgio Baccarani

Abstract: In this work, an overview is given on the prospects and challenges of two novel device concepts,namely the Tunnel FET (TFET) and the...

Authors: Tamara Rudenko, Sylvain Barraud, Yordan M. Georgiev, Vladimir Lysenko, Alexei N. Nazarov

Abstract: This article presents a review of various methods for extracting the key parameters of junctionless (JL) MOSFETs, namely, the threshold...

Authors: Joydeep Ghosh, Dmitry Osintsev, V. Sverdlov, S. Selberherr

Abstract: The electron spin properties of semiconductors are of immense interest for their potential in spin-driven applications. Silicon is a perfect...

Authors: Anatoly Druzhinin, Igor Ostrovskii, Yuriy Khoverko, Sergij Yatsukhnenko

Abstract: Study the magnetic properties of Si<B,Ni> whiskers, the concentration of which corresponds to a dielectric and metal side of...

Authors: Vikram Passi, Amit Gahoi, Sarah Riazimehr, Stefan Wagner, Andreas Bablich, Satender Kataria, Max Lemme

Abstract: In this work, fabrication and characterisation of graphene photodiodes and transfer length method structures is presented. Graphene growth...

Authors: Henryk M. Przewlocki

Abstract: In this article photoelectric phenomena taking place in the MOS system will be discussed and the classical theory of these phenomena will be...

Authors: Andriy Vasin, Igor Verovsky, Valentyn Tyortykh, Yulia Bolbukh, Dmytriy Kisel, Galyna Rudko, Yevgeniy Gule, Yurii Piryatinsky, Sergii Starik, Alexei Nazarov, Vladimir Lysenko

Abstract: Methyl, methoxy and alcoxy groups with different number of carbon atoms were chemically grafted onto the surface of fumed silica...

Authors: Anatoly Druzhinin, Valery Yerokhov, Stepan Nichkalo, Yevhen Berezhanskyi

Abstract: The paper deals with obtaining of textured silicon surfaces by chemical etching. As a result of experiments based on the modification and...

Authors: Alexander Stronski, Elena Achimova, Oleksandr Paiuk, Alexei Meshalkin, Vladimir Abashkin, Oksana Lytvyn, Sergei Sergeev, Alexander Prisacar, Pavel Oleksenko, Genadii Triduh

Abstract: Processes of e-beam and holographic recording of surface-relief structures using Ge5As37S58–Se multilayer...


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