Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene for Opto-Electronic Applications


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In this work, fabrication and characterisation of graphene photodiodes and transfer length method structures is presented. Graphene growth is carried out using a thermal chemical vapor deposition process on copper foils and subsequently transferred onto silicon-dioxide/silicon substrate. Comparison of electrical and optical characteristics of the photodiodes, which are fabricated on both n-type and p-type silicon, is shown. The photodiodes fabricated on n-type silicon show good rectifying behaviour when compared with photodiodes fabricated on p-type silicon. Spectral response of graphene photodiodes is measured to be less than 0.2 mAW-1 which is attributed to the light absorbance of 2.3% for single layer graphene. Transfer length method device structures are also fabricated and contact resistance is calculated and plotted as a function of spacing between the contacts. The calculated contact resistance (RcW) is 0.87 kΩ.µm. The latter structures are also characterised under various ambient conditions, before and after annealing. The value of contact resistance reduces from 0.87 kΩ.µm to 0.75 kΩ.µm after annealing. This reduction is attributed to the improvement in bonding between graphene and metal. Measurements under vacuum show an increase in contact resistance which is attributed to the removal of adsorbed water molecules on the surface on graphene. The sheet resistivity of graphene is calculated to be between 1.17 kΩ/□ and 3.67 kΩ/□.



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Prof. Alexei N. Nazarov, Prof. Volodymyr S. Lysenko, Prof. Denis Flandre, Dr. Yuri V. Gomeniuk




V. Passi et al., "Chemical Vapor Deposited Graphene for Opto-Electronic Applications", Journal of Nano Research, Vol. 39, pp. 57-68, 2016

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February 2016




* - Corresponding Author

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