Journal of Nano Research Vol. 40

Volume 40

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: M.A. Khan, Hasan Mahmood, Raja Naveed Ahmed, Ayaz Arif Khan, Mahboobullah, Tariq Iqbal, Asma Ishaque, Rizwana Mofeed

Abstract: Cupric oxide (CuO) nanostructures have been synthesized successfully through solvothermal chemical route. The influence of temperature on...

Authors: Ajinkya G. Nene, Makoto Takahashi, Koichi Wakita, Masayoshi Umeno

Abstract: Magnetite (Fe3O4) nanoparticles were successfully synthesized by ascorbic acid mediated reduction of Fe...

Authors: Li Zhong He, Li Rong Qin, Jian Wei Zhao, Yu Yang, Ying Ying Yin

Abstract: Pt/Ni multilayer nanowire arrays were successfully fabricated inside the nanochannels of anodic aluminum oxide template by pulse...

Authors: Milua Masikini, Peter M. Ndangili, Chinwe O. Ikpo, Usisipho Feleni, Samantha F. Douman, Unathi Sidwaba, Tesfaye Waryo, Priscilla Gloria Lorraine Baker, Emmanuel Iheanyechukwu Iwuoha

Abstract: Water dispersed PdTe semiconducting nanocrystals were synthesized and stabilised with 3-mercaptopropionic acid (3-MPA). HRTEM studies...

Authors: Chih Ming Lin, Nai Jen Cheng, Shang Chao Hung, Yin Ming Li

Abstract: In this work, we report the characteristics of ZnO nanorod (NR) arrays grown on bare Si (100) substrates by a one-step hydrothermal method,...

Authors: Georgios I. Giannopoulos, Stylianos K. Georgantzinos

Abstract: In the present paper, the tensile mechanical behavior of different sized, almost squared shaped, boron nitride nanoribbons is numerically...

Authors: Jia Wei Sheng, Li Ping Zhang, Jun Yan, Qing Sun, Jian Zhang

Abstract: The mechanical destruction of the pyrophyllite structure and final ground products upon grinding with a laboratory planetary ball mill were...

Authors: Tariq Aqeel, Heather F. Greer, Wu Zong Zhou, Duncan W. Bruce, Ali Bumajdad

Abstract: We present a direct soft templating method to synthesise mesoporous tin dioxide network that maintains a porous structure after calcination...

Authors: Alexey Anatolevich Vereschaka, Anatoliy Stepanovich Vereschaka, Jury I. Bublikov, Anatoliy Y. Aksenenko, Nikolay N. Sitnikov

Abstract: The structures of surface layers of the tool material, adapted to the conditions of the thermomechanical loading during the cutting process,...

Authors: S. Nallusamy

Abstract: Nanotechnology has become one of the best ever growing technology in scientific and engineering disciplines. Various investigations on...


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