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Authors: Halil Caliskan, Emre Altas, Peter Panjan
Abstract:Titanium and its alloys are widely used in aerospace and aviation industries because of their high strength-to-weight ratio, high fracture...
Authors: Bilal Kursuncu, Halil Caliskan, Sevki Yilmaz Guven, Peter Panjan
Abstract:The Inconel 718 superalloy is one of the most-used nickel based superalloys in the aerospace industry due to its superior mechanical...
Authors: S. Heilman, L.G.A. Silva
Abstract:Silver nanoparticles have been used in the medical area due to their remarkable antimicrobial properties. In this sense titanium dioxide...
Authors: Ahmed Shash, Mohamed K. El-Fawkhry, Sherif Ali Abd El Rahman, Iman S. Elmahallawi, Taha Mattar
Abstract:AISI 1020 steel is considered to be one of the most applicable structural steels, in particular in the cold drawn form. Heating of this grade...
Authors: Agnieszka Maria Jastrzębska, Joanna Karcz, Ewa Karwowska, Alicja Fiedorczuk, Andrzej Olszyna
Abstract:This study aims to describe the influence of adding graphene oxide to TiO2-noble metal (Me=Ag, Au or Pd) composite nanoparticles...
Authors: Jeon Byeong Heon, Jeong Hoon Son, Dong Sik Bae
Abstract:Hydrothermal processes have the potential for the direct preparation of crystalline ceramic powders and offer a low-temperature alternative...
Authors: Dae Han Lee, Ji Young Ock, Jeong Hoon Son, Dong Sik Bae
Abstract:YCrxAl1-xO3 nanoparticles were synthesized by a reverse micelle processing for inorganic pigment....
Authors: Zidane Djilali, S. Bergheul
Abstract:This study is a kinematic model of a mechanical mill that works with a single ball in motion, and which is operated by a crank and connecting...
Authors: H. Mechri, Ahmed Haddad, M. Zergoug, Mohammed Azzaz
Abstract:Commercial copper and iron powders were used as starting materials. These powders were mechanically alloyed to obtain Cu(100-x)...
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