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Authors: Rodolfo O. Esquivel, Nelson Flores-Gallegos, Edmundo Carrera, Catalina Soriano-Correa
Abstract:Quantum information theory is employed to analyze the growing behavior of nanostructured molecules through marginal H-type von Neumann...
  | Authors: Edgar Barajas-Ledesma, M.L. García-Benjume, I. Espitia-Cabrera, A. Bravo-Patiño, M.E. Contreras-García
Abstract:The ability of nanostructured TiO2 in anatase phase to eliminate Escherichia coli (E. coli) by UV light irradiation was tested using titania...
Authors: A. Blanca-Romero, A. Flores-Riveros, J.F. Rivas-Silva
Abstract:One of the interests on the study of doped materials with rare earths in their bulk or nanoscale size is owing to the enhancement of the...
Authors: O. Goiz, F. Chávez, C. Felipe, R. Peña-Sierra, N. Morales
Abstract:The growth of tungsten oxide nanowires on silicon substrates without using any catalyst is demonstrated by means of close-spaced vapor...
Authors: Mauricio Pacio, H. Juárez, T. Díaz-Becerril, E. Rosendo-Andrés, G. García-Salgado, G. Escalante, G. Ramirez
Abstract:Fluorinated silicon oxide (SiOF) films have been prepared in a conventional atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) reactor....
Authors: E. Hernández-Hernández, M.G. Neira-Velázquez, L.F. Ramos de Valle, Arturo Ponce, D. Weinkauf
Abstract:Carbon nanofibers (CNF) were surface coated with a thin layer of poly (acrylic acid) (PAA) via plasma polymerization of acrylic acid (AA)....
Authors: J.L. Jiménez Pérez, J.F. Sanchez Ramírez, A. Cruz Orea, R. Gutiérrez Fuentes, D. Cornejo-Monroy, G.A. López-Muñoz
Abstract:In the present work, nanofluids containing spherical TiO2 nanoparticles were mixed in water, to have various concentrations with the average...
Authors: A.A. Ebnalwaled, M. Abou Zied
Abstract:Nano - crystalline Al-Mg-Mn was synthesized by ball milling technique. Microstructure of these alloys has been studied from X-ray line...
Authors: M.A. Jiménez Gómez, Mauricio Garza Castañón, O.V. Kharissova, B.I. Kharisov, U. Ortiz Méndez
Abstract:1-methyl-2-phenylfulleropyrrolidine (1), 1-methyl-2-(4-(1-piperidyl)-phenyl)-fulleropyrrolidine (2),...
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