Elastic Buckling Strength of Restrained Orthotropic Web Plates


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In this paper, the buckling behavior of elastically restrained orthotropic web plates is investigated. In general, the pultruded FRP structural member is composed of flat plate elements and each plate element is elastically restrained against rotation by adjacent plate components. For finding the local buckling strength of composite flexural member considering the elastic restraint at the juncture of plate components, the orthotropic web plate is modeled as an elastically restrained orthotropic plate under linearly distributed in-plane forces. For the derivation of buckling equation, the power series solution technique is employed. For the plate having different mechanical properties, the parametric studies are conducted by varying the degree of restraint along the longitudinal edge under compression. By using the results obtained, simplified form of equation is also developed so that the practicing engineers can evaluate the buckling stress of such a plate for the preliminary design of FRP flexural members.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 261-263)

Edited by:

Kikuo Kishimoto, Masanori Kikuchi, Tetsuo Shoji and Masumi Saka




J. H. Jung et al., "Elastic Buckling Strength of Restrained Orthotropic Web Plates", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 261-263, pp. 615-620, 2004

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April 2004




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