Study of the AlON-VN Composite Ceramic


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Aluminium oxynitride-vanadium nitride (AlON-VN) composite ceramic was fabricated based on thermodynamic analysis of V-Al-O-N systems. The results indicated that the VN dispersed homogeneously in AlON matrix and can reinforce AlON matrix. Oxidation behavior was studied and the results showed that it belongs to self-protective oxidation due to the good adherence of oxidation product. Therefore, AlON-VN composites have excellent oxidation resistance.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 280-283)

Edited by:

Wei Pan, Jianghong Gong, Chang-Chun Ge and Jing-Feng Li




Sainbaatar et al., "Study of the AlON-VN Composite Ceramic", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 280-283, pp. 1139-1142, 2005

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February 2007




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