Electrochemically Deposited Calcium Phosphate Coating on Titanium Alloy Substrates


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Plasma-sprayed HA coating combines the strength of the metal and the bioactivity of the HA. However, this method has several disadvantages. Alternatives to the plasma-spray method such as electrochemical deposition (ECD) and biomimetic or precipitation methods are being explored. The purpose of this study was to develop an ECD method for coating Ti alloy substrate with different calcium phosphates (octacalcium phosphate, calcium deficient apatite, carbonatesubstituted apatite, fluoride-substituted apatite). Pairs of Ti6Al4V plates that have been mechanically polished, ultrasonically cleaned, acid etched, rinsed and dried were used as anodes and cathodes. ECD was carried out using programmed pulse time electric fields. Results showed that uniform coating with only the desired calcium phosphate can be obtained using metastable calcium phosphate solutions at different pH and temperature conditions and different electrolyte concentrations. Coating thickness varied with the duration of coating deposition. Crystal size varied with other ECD conditions (e.g., pulse time, current density). This method can be used to obtain uniform coating of the desired calcium phosphate composition at low temperatures (25 to 80oC) on substrates of any type of geometry.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 284-286)

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Panjian Li, Kai Zhang and Clifford W. Colwell, Jr.




J. P. LeGeros et al., "Electrochemically Deposited Calcium Phosphate Coating on Titanium Alloy Substrates", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 284-286, pp. 247-250, 2005

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April 2005




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