Bioceramics 17

Volumes 284-286

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Diane Eichert, Christèle Combes, Christophe Drouet, Cristian Rey

Abstract: Nanocrystalline apatites exhibit a very fragile structured hydrated surface layer which is only observed in aqueous media. This surface...

Authors: Racquel Z. LeGeros, Dindo Q. Mijares, J. Park, X.-F. Chang, I. Khairoun, Regina Kijkowska, Renata Dias, John P. LeGeros

Abstract: Our earlier studies showed that several ions inhibit the crystal growth of apatite and promote the formation of amorphous calcium...

Authors: Yang Leng, Ren Long Xin, Ji Yong Chen

Abstract: Bioactive calcium phosphate (Ca-P) formation in bioceramics surfaces in simulated body fluid (SBF) and in rabbit muscle sites was...

Authors: E.F. Burguera, Francisco Guitián, Laurence C. Chow

Abstract: The progression of the setting reaction of a tetracalcium phosphate (TTCP) –dicalcium phosphate dihydrate (DCPD) rapid setting cement was...

Authors: M.P. Hofmann, Uwe Gbureck, Liam M. Grover, J.E. Barralet

Abstract: This study sought to examine the efficiency of coating cement powder reactants in order to reduce the solubility rate of reactants and...

Authors: Limin Sun, Laurence C. Chow, Shozo Takagi, E.F. Burguera, Stanislav A. Frukhtbeyn
Authors: Juliana M. Janurudin, K. Ozeki, Y. Fukui, Hideyuki Aoki

Abstract: In this paper, a low concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) was added to the hydroxyapatite ceramics to develop HA/H2O2 compound. The...

Authors: Yu Sogo, Atsuo Ito, Koshiro Fukasawa, Tokoha Sakurai, Noboru Ichinose, Racquel Z. LeGeros

Abstract: Zinc-containing calcium phosphate ceramics with a (Ca+Zn)/P molar ratio of 1.67 (ZnHAP ceramics) were synthesized to clarify the main phase...

Authors: S.W. Park, Yong Keun Lee, Yeon Ung Kim, Min Chul Kim, Kyoung Nam Kim, B.J. Choi, H.J. Choi

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to investigate the remineralization of enamel in the human tooth by fissure sealant containing various amount...

Authors: Ahmed H. Touny, Paul W. Brown

Abstract: Composite material composed of hydroxyapatite (HAp) and structural proteins, such as type I collagen or cross-linked gelatins, were...


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