Development of Silicon Nitride Components for Gas Turbine


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Silicon nitride is one of the most practical candidates for ceramic gas turbines. The SN282 is silicon nitride material developed by Kyocera for gas turbines. Several new technologies have been developed to achieve materialization of ceramic gas turbines, such as material, fabrication process, evaluation / analysis technology. Recent technology is focused on recession of silicon-based ceramics under combustion gas. Environmental Barrier Coatings (EBCs) are developed to suppress these recession. We have found rare-earth element silicate and yttrium stabilized zirconium oxide (YSZ) have high corrosion resistance to the combustion gas. These materials were applied to the ceramic gas turbine components. The components with EBCs were evaluated in the actual engine tests. We have confirmed that the EBCs effectively work for the recession resistance.



Edited by:

Hai-Doo Kim, Hua-Tay Lin and Michael J. Hoffmann




T. Fukudome et al., "Development of Silicon Nitride Components for Gas Turbine ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 287, pp. 10-15, 2005

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June 2005




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