Electric Properties of Ti3SiC2 at High Frequency Alternating Current


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Bulk Ti3SiC2 material with 95 wt% of purity was synthesized by hot pressing from Ti, SiC and graphite powders. This work focuses on the electric properties of Ti3SiC2 at high frequency alternating current using a specific clamp device. The result shows that Ti3SiC2 exhibits an electric property of inductance (the order of magnitude is about 10-8 H at 1 ~ 40 MHz), which indicates that Ti3SiC2 shows a stronger electric property of metal rather than that of common ceramics. In this study, the equation to calculate the external inductance of nonferromagnetic metal is also applicable to Ti3SiC2 material at high frequency.



Edited by:

Hai-Doo Kim, Hua-Tay Lin and Michael J. Hoffmann




C. A. Wang et al., "Electric Properties of Ti3SiC2 at High Frequency Alternating Current ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 287, pp. 22-27, 2005

Online since:

June 2005




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