Strength Degradation of Silicon Carbide Hot Gas Filter in the Simulated PFBC Condition


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Strength degradations of porous silicon carbide hot gas filters bonded with clay and calcium carbonate are investigated in the simulated condition of the pressurized fluidized bed combustion (PFBC). Thermal cycling, static fatigue, thermal shock, and hot corrosion tests are conducted to differentiate the independent parameter that affects the strength degradation during the filtration using silicon carbide filter in PFBC condition. The results indicate that hot corrosive gas mainly causes the strength reduction because of the degradation of grain boundary region.



Edited by:

Hai-Doo Kim, Hua-Tay Lin and Michael J. Hoffmann




K. S. Lee et al., "Strength Degradation of Silicon Carbide Hot Gas Filter in the Simulated PFBC Condition ", Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 287, pp. 495-0, 2005

Online since:

June 2005




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