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Authors: Takero Fukudome, Sazo Tsuruzono, Tetsuo Tatsumi, Yoshihiro Ichikawa, Tohru Hisamatsu, Isao Yuri
Abstract:Silicon nitride is one of the most practical candidates for ceramic gas turbines. The SN282 is silicon nitride material developed by Kyocera...
Authors: Akira Kohyama
Abstract:As one of the most important breakthrough in the field of SiC/SiC composite materials, the new process called Nano-powder Infiltration and...
Authors: Chang An Wang, Ke Tang, Yong Huang
Abstract:Bulk Ti3SiC2 material with 95 wt% of purity was synthesized by hot pressing from Ti, SiC and graphite powders. This work focuses on the...
Authors: Jing Feng Li, Song Zhe Jin, Yong Li
Abstract:Si-based high-temperature ceramics are attractive materials for power microelectromechanical systems (power MEMS), such as microscale gas...
Authors: Jeong Ho Chang, Jun Liu
Abstract:This work describes chemically functionalized nanoporous silica as a novel catalyst for the rapid hydrolysis of a phenyl ester. Work...
Authors: Jeong Ho Chang, Chang Han Shim, Kyung Ja Kim
Abstract:This work describes an innovative approach to preparation of the highly controlled drug delivery materials that involves a self-assembly...
Authors: Jun Suh Yu, Jae Chun Lee, Sung Park, Min Sung Hong
Authors: Myeong Woo Cho, Won Seung Cho, Dong Sam Park, Jae Hyung Lee, Eun Sang Lee, Tae Il Seo, D.W. Kim
Abstract:In this study, micro powder blasting techniques are applied to micro-pattern making process using developed Si3N4-hBN composites. Material...
Authors: Jae Won Kim, Seong Hwan Park, H.C. Kim, Yeon Gil Jung, Je Hyun Lee, Ung Yu Paik
Abstract:In order to exploit the anti-oxidation property of graphite mould, a new type of oxidation protective coating is produced by a pack...
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