Advanced Si-Based Ceramics and Composites

Volume 287

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hua Tay Lin, Mattison K. Ferber

Abstract: This paper summarizes the recent results on component characterization efforts carried out to verify the mechanical reliability of SN237...

Authors: Lin-Hua Zou, Dong Soo Park, Hai Doo Kim, Chang An Wang, Yong Huang

Abstract: The b–Si3N4 whisker randomly and unidirectionally reinforced Si3N4 composites were fabricated respectively. The high whisker alignment was...

Authors: Jong Ho Kim, Young Gu Kim, Do Kyung Kim, Kee Sung Lee, Soon Nam Chang

Abstract: Hertzian and explosive indentations were used to determine the damage behavior of SiC and Si3N4 ceramics. Specimens were selected with...

Authors: Dae Soon Lim, Jong In Park, Dong Phill Lim, Byung Dong Han, Dong Soo Park

Abstract: Silicon nitride has been considered as candidate tribological material due to their excellent mechanical and thermal properties. This study...

Authors: Chul Seung Lee, Kee Sung Lee, Shi Woo Lee, Do Kyung Kim

Abstract: Contact damage resistances of silicon nitride ceramics with various grain boundary phases are investigated in this study. The grain...

Authors: Shigemi Tochino, Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: Residual stress studies were performed on the intergranular phase of a Sc2O3-doped Si3N4 polycrystal. Sc2O3 additive represents an ideal...

Authors: Tomoyuki Maeda, Yoshihiro Hirata, Joe Sugimoto, Soichiro Sameshima, Toshifumi Yoshidome, Masaki Shibuya

Abstract: A polytitanocarbosilane (20-30 mass%)-xylene solution was infiltrated into a porous laminated composite with 35-40 vol% Si-Ti-C-O fabric of...

Authors: Giuseppe Pezzotti

Abstract: Many of the properties of Si-based ceramics, including their structural behavior, are strongly influenced by their micro/nanostructure and...

Authors: Shunkichi Ueno, Daniel Doni Jayaseelan, Naoki Kondo, Tatsuki Ohji, Shuzo Kanzaki, Hua Tay Lin

Abstract: Various coating methods of EBC layer for silicon nitride were discussed. High density EBC layer was successfully coated by different...

Authors: S.M. Zemskova, Hua Tay Lin, Mattison K. Ferber, A.J. Haynes

Abstract: Previous studies have demonstrated that dense coatings of CVD mullite (3Al2O3×2SiO2) provide excellent oxidation protection for Si3N4 and...


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