Biodegradable Polyamides Containing Amino Acid Residues: A Chemoenzymatic Synthesis


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Polyamides containing amino acid residues were synthesized through a chemoenzymatic route. At first, monomers containing amino acid esters at both ends were prepared from amino acid esters and bifunctional acid chlorides through a Scotten-Baumann reaction under organic condition. Diamine was used as bifunctional nucleophilic reagent to aminolysis the amino acid ester bonds of these monomers under protease catalysts, leading to the polycondensation to form the desired polyamides containing amino acid residues. Spectra characterizations confirmed the structure of obtained polyamides. The factors that influence the polymerization, including the type of enzymes, the amount of enzymes, and the water contents in the solvent, were also discussed. It is expected that the obtained polyamides have the potential for biomaterial applications.



Key Engineering Materials (Volumes 288-289)

Edited by:

Xingdong Zhang, Junzo Tanaka, Yaoting Yu and Yasuhiko Tabata




Y. J. Fan et al., "Biodegradable Polyamides Containing Amino Acid Residues: A Chemoenzymatic Synthesis ", Key Engineering Materials, Vols. 288-289, pp. 469-472, 2005

Online since:

June 2005




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